Sunday, January 16, 2011

Life Is About Creating Yourself

For so many years I believed that life was about finding myself. That seemed like a never ending journey of self analysis. I knew what my strengths and weakness were but I could not figure out why I always fell into the same patterns.

I wanted to be in a better place but I could not get there on my own. I wanted to find my true calling and do my life's work. I am older and hopefully a little wiser now. I believe we create the person we are suppose to be from education, relationships, life experiences and the lessons we learn from all of them. It is never too late to do better.  

Remember When MTV Rocked

I remember when MTV was first launched back in 1981. It was monumental. I want my MTV was heard on every channel by so many celebrities of the day. Today the catch phrase on MTV should be I want my music to be played on MTV. 

Where is the music? Where did it go? Is the importance of the music no longer significant to MTV? It is all but gone in a sea of reality shows, music themed shows, and count down shows. The actual music videos are an afterthought. You can go on the website and play videos, live performances and any shows you have missed, but really the music should not be an afterthought.