Sunday, August 22, 2010

Little Box Boy in the Rain

It's a wet and rainy day and this image seems appropriate. But we learn a couple of things from this little box boy.
Innovation and creativity works! The little box boy walking in the rain seems sad. We can interpret a lot from his stance and downward glance. 


  1. é... amo essa imagem, muito legal mesmo
    dia triste para o garoto caixinha ....

  2. कशाला पावसा नेहमी हुलकावणी देतोस
    कशाला पावसा उगाच तू बदनाम होतोस,
    गुलाम नाही म्हणतात कुणाचाच तरी मग
    तिला आठवता का ओला सलाम देतोस?