Saturday, October 9, 2010

Absolutamente Posh!: beth ditto + evans: segunda parte

Beth Ditto + Evans: Part Two from the blog Absolutamente Posh!  Beth Ditto introduces her much anticipated second collection and there are mixed reviews. Many of the shoppers like the retro look and fit but there have been some criticism about the quality. Like always you can't please everybody.

Please check out the link below. Unfortunately the whole page is in Spanish but I have a translator on my blog  and the page can also be translated in Goggle Reader. There are interesting fashions in this article and an interview with Beth Ditto in English.

Absolutamente Posh!: beth ditto + evans: segunda parte: "Cómo ya os comenté la semana pasada, la grandísima Beth Ditto presentó la segunda colección que ha diseñado para Evans, y yo prometí que h..."

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